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Elevate Your CTV Strategy

As streaming booms and ad strategies continue to shift, powerful advertising intelligence is the secret to navigating this arena like a pro.

The CTV landscape is constantly evolving. Make sure your strategy keeps up. 

Leverage advertising intelligence to stay ahead of the curve, uncover sly shifts from the competition, and maximize the impact of your streaming strategy.

Start by understanding the ecosystem.

See where, when & how brands are investing in CTV.

As more advertising dollars shift to streaming, stay on top of quick shifts with our birds-eye view of CTV.

Our platform captures benchmarked spend, share of voice, and messaging tactics across the top streaming platforms, so you can:

  • Identify where you are being outspent, and quickly reallocate budgets.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your competitors' target audiences to refine your own.

  • Uncover whitespace and emerging opportunities that could be overlooked.

  • Navigate this space with confidence and clarity.
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Brands Hit $1B Milestone in Monthly Ad Spend on CTV Advertising in June: Vivvix

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Then find the right balance.

Optimize streaming within your multi-channel strategy. 

Since your media mix is more than just streaming, incorporating CTV into a broader advertising strategy requires an even broader view. 

With Vivvix, you can effortlessly compare any brand's investments side-by-side across 28+ paid media channels including Network TV, Cable, Social, Mobile Apps, YouTube and more.

Then drill into the creative details to fine-tune your strategy, more effectively allocate budgets, and drive greater ROI—even in the most competitive arenas.

And stand out from the crowd.

View past trends to inform future strategies. 

As more advertisers compete for limited ad space, campaigns may struggle to stand out. That's why it's crucial to be aware of the latest creative trends and tactics.

With Vivvix, you can explore a vast collection of breaking, trending, and historical streaming campaigns, then delve deeper into the specifics, such as the programming genres utilized, and the optimal video formats leveraged.

Spark new ideas and develop unique creative directions to get ahead —and stay ahead with our competitive intelligence.


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